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HeyDoc! can help you store your medical information
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HeyDoc! Software

HeyDoc! is a nice application that can help you store your medical information in one place. You can include your personal information such as name, address, email, birth date, gender, blood type, photo, etc. It allows you to add your insurance information, the doctors you frequently visit, doctor appointments with reminders, emergency contacts, medical history and diet diary. Regarding your medical information, you can add symptoms, doctor recommendations, prescriptions, vitamins and supplements, eye examination results, medical research and immunization records. For all these notes, you can select a specific font, color and formatting. The program also has the ability to generate charts about your blood pressure, pedometer, sleep, and weight, so you can easily print them and take them to the doctor. Apart from this, you can print any information you included in this program for a certain date range. What is more, the program also offers backup capabilities, so you never lose important medical information.
In short, HeyDoc! can help you store invaluable personal and medical information in one place and take it wherever you go.

Silvana Mansilla
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